Guidelines for application / nomination for UPSTART 2016 (North East Startup Festival):

  1. All the questions in the nomination form are mandatory for filling up.
  2. Please provide additional information to support your application / nomination wherever necessary.
  3. You can attach relevant high definition pictures, a short video clip (maximum 2 minutes) and necessary testimonials for jury appraisal.
  4. The questions in the Nomination Form will extract vital information for documentation; therefore your answers should be relevant and content-rich.
  5. Nominations are invited from regional Start Ups all over the North East and also from North East Start Ups operating outside the region.
  6. There are no charges required to apply for the nomination process. Your project shall fulfill the conditions of being an active and 6 months on-Ground project.
  7. Any applicant may edit/modify the details in the Nomination form till the last date of submitting the Nomination form. However, Nomination form in any ways will be considered as final after the last date and no further modification will be allowed.
  8. The nomination process to participate is open for any of the following categories of entrepreneurs:
  9. Individuals/Students
  10. Entrepreneurs
  11. There is no limitation regarding the language, platforms, cost or channels the projects work with.
  12. One project can only be submitted for one category. In case of multiple submissions by the same organisation, company or team, each project requires a separate registration.
  13. Any partially filled/not filled Nomination form will be rejected.
  14. Any false information regarding the project in the nomination form will immediately disqualify the nominee. All materials received during the judging process will remain confidential and will not be shared with any external entity without the consent of the concerned person.
  15. Identify documents of the Startups must be enclosed / attached including registration certificate and other testimonials.
  16. All the participants will be informed about the status of their application 30 days prior to the final event on December 15-16, 2016 at IIE Campus, Guwahati.