1. What is UPSTART and what does it aim to do?
2. Who is eligible for applying for this award?
3. What is the process of participation for the event?
4. Which North Eastern States are eligible to participate in the UPSTART?
5. Can anyone not based in any one of the eight North Eastern States apply for the awards?
6. Is there any fee?
7. Can an applicant apply or nominate in more than one category?
8. Will I be getting any acknowledgement for my entry?
9. Can I submit one project under 2 categories, if it fits?
10. What is the process of withdrawing from the nominations?
11. In what form is supporting material allowed?
12. Can I send the supporting material later after submitting the nomination form?
13. Will my supporting material/shared material remain confidential & returned to me?
14. When will the jury process start?
15. What are the evaluation criteria for the product/service/ project?
16. Is it mandatory to fill all the fields in the nomination form?
17. When will the shortlisted projects be announced?
18. When will we know about the final results?
19. Is setting up a stall mandatory for all the finalists/nominees?
20. Will there be a stall charge?
21. What is the time limit of the presentation on final event day?
22. Is there any mandatory query session after presentation?
23. Will I get the transport/accommodation facility?
24. Who is eligible to apply for volunteering for the final event?
25. Is there any certificate given to Volunteers?
26. What are the date and timings for the UPSTART 2016?
27. By when can we register online?
28. Is there a registration fee for delegate participants?
29. What does the registration charge for delegates include?
30. If I am not a nominee, how can I get a speaker slot at the event?
31. Can Press & Media attend this Event?
32. How does my company join the UPSTART?
33. Are there sponsorship opportunities within the UPSTART?
34. How do I contact someone at the UPSTART?